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Sangita P Mallik

Sangita Mallik

Sangita Mallik

Sangita, a globally acclaimed visionary engineer, dynamic business leader, and seasoned resilience and sustainability professional, has dedicated over three decades to transforming the electric power industry. In the early '90s, she pioneered the performance excellence and quality revolution, steering the infrastructure sector towards sustainability. Sangita's innovative approach to traditional infrastructure design and development has significantly enhanced the resilience, quality, and sustainability of the power industry, demonstrating her profound commitment to building a more reliable, robust, and resilient electric power grid.

Her pioneering work has earned her prestigious recognition, including the 2023 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, marking her as the first woman engineer in the energy and infrastructure sector to receive this honor. This award, the only performance excellence accolade bestowed by the President of the United States, underscores her innovative contributions to sustainability in the electric power sector. Sangita's expertise spans multidimensional change, business continuity management, and extensive collaboration with manufacturers, technology leaders, professional engineers, educational institutions, and policy actors.

As co-founder and Executive Vice President of SANPEC, Inc., Sangita has guided the T&D business to the forefront of innovation, quality, sustainability, and engineering excellence. Her transformative initiatives have positioned the power sector on a resilient path, making SANPEC a beacon of innovation and quality in the industry.

Sangita's commitment to fostering a future-ready workforce is evident in her strategic vision for developing essential skills and mindsets and building a Baldrige-aligned business ecosystem. This unique approach has transformed SANPEC into an agile, value-creating organization, ready to adapt and thrive amidst the evolving infrastructure industry challenges.

An ISI-certified ENVISION Sustainability Professional, Sangita champions the Envision Framework for sustainable, resilient, and equitable infrastructure, reflecting her research and innovation leadership in resilience and sustainability. She introduced a holistic 'science and spirituality' business model to achieve mission-critical objectives, navigate dynamic change and complexity, and contribute to a more peaceful, sustainable, and joyful world.

Sangita's dedication to social entrepreneurship and sustainable development has significantly impacted broader stakeholders. Her mentorship and philanthropic efforts, notably as an Army Educational Outreach Program Ambassador, have empowered thousands of youths, fostering positive change and social innovation.

Her roles within the Baldrige Foundation's Institute for Performance Excellence and the Mac Baldrige Society further exemplify her commitment to improving workforce development and maximizing the greater good. Sangita's journey from a young innovator in her community to a global leader in power and sustainability showcases her unwavering dedication to excellence and her vision for a sustainable future.

Academically and professionally, Sangita's credentials from prestigious institutions, including MIT Sloan School of Management, Harvard NPLI, Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, and C-DAC, complement her affiliations with IEEE, ASCE, ASQ, Baldrige, ISO, PMI, ISTE, and the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure. Her specialties in sustainability strategy, leadership, innovation, and resilience underscore her profound impact on the T&D business, manufacturing, social enterprise, digital transformation, and policy innovation, marking her as a transformative force in the industry.


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