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The Sanpec Edge

  • Reliability and Resiliency-based Design of Transmission Structures (Lattice Towers and Steel Poles) with Engineering Excellence
  • Innovative and Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Sustainability, Value-chain Management, and Strategic Planning
  • Risk Management and Business Excellence
  • Quality-focused Professional Services
  • Unbeatable Project Management and Technical Services
  • Decades of R&D work in Transmission Line Engineering
  • On-time Delivery and Seamless Project Execution
  • Advanced Engineering Tools and Technologies
  • Value Added Services and Customer-Focused Approach


  • Visionary leadership/Shared vision: The leaders create an organizational mission and core values and maintain a focused vision to manage all the business components as a unified whole to achieve and sustain ongoing success.
  • Sustainability strategy: The sustainability strategy provides a feedback-driven intelligence for building and sustaining a value-aligned and purpose-driven organization.
  • Role-model behavior: We develop engineering leadership capacity, exemplify role-model behavior, and ensure that our people, processes, and strategies are aligned to achieve performance excellence and sustainability.
  • Prioritized focus: Our business objectives are systematically created, communicated, and improved. We consistently focus on organizational effectiveness and align people with purpose to deliver exceptional results.
  • Creating value: Our system emphasizes managing value-aligned key strategies and measuring performance excellence. We are devoted to being a force for good and achieving sustainability through daily activities.


  • Customer-focused Excellence: We implement a feedback-driven leadership and management framework to improve the company-wide strategic change initiatives. Our skilled and qualified professionals continuously strive to elevate performance to maximize operational efficiency and meet customer demands. We care deeply about inspiring loyalty and trust.  
  • Focus on success: We deploy an effective financial strategy to maximize stakeholder value and maintain positive financial returns.
  • Organizational Learning: We consistently learn and improve agility goals as we journey towards excellence in our systems and processes!
  • Knowledge Management: We utilize well-crafted policies, procedures, and training to document and improve the process. We ensure that the information gets to the right people at the right time. 


  • Protect and encourage innovation: We take strategic risks and dedicated action to protect and encourage innovation and active learning to solve complex problems and prepare for the future.
  • Managing for Innovation: We make effective decisions using reliable data, breakthrough innovation, and new intelligence to deliver value-aligned results. We design, manage and innovate our services and work processes to optimize operational effectiveness and achieve ongoing organizational success.


Purpose guides our path

  • Purpose-driven decision-making ensures a dynamic balance between growth and the common good. 
  • Our values guide our behavior. It promotes consistent product/service quality and customer satisfaction. 
  • We provide a unique system and comprehensive approach for filling the gaps and addressing long-term priorities beyond making plans and implementing short-term projects. 
  • We actively improve the process, value people, share ideas, and discuss issues for improving the company and the community.
  • We help, mentor, and train others to deliver value and achieve their performance goals. 
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Effective business model has helped us learn the necessity for stewardship of physical, financial, environmental, and human resources. We create an environment for high performance and long-term sustainability by developing, nurturing, and maintaining a purpose-led, customer-focused, and value-driven entrepreneurial culture.


  • We create world-class productivity, maintain ethics and transparency, create organizational efficiency, and drive innovation throughout the value chain. 
  • Holistic Risk Management: Holistic risk management create continuous loop of data/information and actionable insights to manage risk, build early awareness and rapid response, and improve the delivery time, quality, and safety. It is integrated into the operations model.
  • Project management and engineering excellence
  • Disciplined portfolio and enterprise management
  • Environmental excellence
  • Health and safety excellence


  • We practice “Conscious Leadership.” to build a shared or distributed leadership system with policy actors (civil society, private sector, public sector). We believe in creating an open, innovative, active, quality-focused, and evolving culture to effectively manage the stakeholder’s needs, ideas, and concerns. 
  • Our culture is the spiritual essence that guides us “who we are” and “why we exist.” We are devoted to building a community of excellence. Our team demonstrates a set of value-aligned behaviors consistently. 

The Journey of Excellence

Our innovative solutions help solve critical challenges by integrating deep domain expertise, market research, Insights, and advanced technology capabilities.