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Transmission and Distribution

Design and Engineering

Structure Design (Steel Poles and Towers)

From 69 kV up to 500 kV, we design, engineer, and inspect a full range of overhead transmission line support structures to precisely suit the growing needs of our utility customers. In addition, we provide custom solutions for complex base plates, cross arms, and pole accessories.

We utilize state-of-the-art design and detailing software to optimize transmission line structures (single circuit, double circuit, H-frames, substation, custom structures) and identify stress concentrations in critical areas through finite element analysis.


TRANSMISSION LINE DESIGN Electrical Clearance requirements • ROW width & its easements• Analysis of overhead transmission structures• Evaluation of Reconductor• Environmental considerations• Cost factors• Reliability assessment, structural loading calculations and electrical clearances• 3D Modeling and Analysis of Electrical Systems• PLS‐CADD® / PLS‐POLE® / PLS‐TOWER® Computer Modeling• 3‐Dimensional Terrain Modeling• Structural loading calculation• Strength and Clearance Modeling• Sag and Tension Data / Stringing Charts• Plan and Profile Drawings Development• Material Lists for Construction• Substation Design and Engineering Due to the increasing demand for power and the higher cost of new Transmission Line, it is always recommended to perform a feasibility study for upgrading the capacity of an existing Transmission Line. Our experienced engineering team can thoroughly investigate and analyze the feasibility of a current upgrading Line based on electrical system load requirements, sound design practices, environmental considerations, and economics of construction and operation.
TRANSMISSION TOWERS Self-Supported Lattice Structures, Guyed Lattice Structures, Towers for 345kV, 400kV, 500kV, 765kV, 800kV Transmission Line, Road Crossing Lattice Towers, River Crossing Lattice Towers, Custom Engineered Lattice Structures We have over 160 years of combined extensive experience in engineering and design, full-scale load testing, and manufacturing of overhead transmission poles. We utilize state-of-the-art design tools and technologies, such as PLS-POLE, PLS-TOWER, i-TOWER, Finite Element Method (FEM), and in-house custom software to optimize the design. All steel poles are designed based on standard ASCE/SEI 48-05. In addition, our teaming members represent several ASCE technical committees, including a standard for the Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures (ASCE/SEI-48-05). We are familiar with commonly used design standards and specifications such as ASCE/SEI 48-05, NESC-ANSI/IEEE C2-2007, ASCE/SEI 7-05, ASCE Manual 91, REA Bulletin, ANSI-05-1, and IBC.
TRANSMISSION POLES Single Pole Structure, 2 Poles Structure, 3 Poles Structure, Guyed Pole Structure, H‐Frame Structure Riser & Switch Structure, Poles for upto 500kV Transmission Line, Custom Engineered Steel Poles  
DISTRIBUTION POLES H Series Pole, C Series Pole, Poles for lower voltage line such as 32.5kV, 69kV  
SUBSTATION STRUCTURES A‐Frames Structure, H‐Frame Structure, DE Structure, Lightening Mast, Bus Support Structure, Equipment Support Structure  
CUSTOM STRUCTURES Tubular Poles (Steel, Concrete, Wood, Composite), Lattice Towers (Steel), Y-frame (Steel), Hybrid Structures (Steel, Concrete, Composite), Drilled piers, footings, slabs, retaining walls, underground transformer vaults, splicing vaults etc  
FOUNDATION DESIGN Steel Poles: (Most common foundations) -Caisson Design (Embedded Pole), Pile Design (Anchor Based Pole) Steel Lattice Towers: (Most common foundations)- Grillage Foundation, Pile Design