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Why SANPEC: With so many power companies out there, it is natural to wonder what sets us apart. SANPEC is an engineering and asset management solutions provider that helps your ventures stay relevant and improves the greater good. 

What Makes Us Different: T&D engineering projects involve the complex infrastructure systems planning, strategic organizational management, agile operational challenges, careful lifecycle analysis, and contributions from best minds in a variety of disciplines. We are uniquely positioned to lead the energy transition with innovative and strategic solutions while anticipating and mitigating tomorrow's disruptions. We are a team of purpose-driven engineers, skilled researchers, manufacturing partners, conscious leaders, and multidisciplinary professionals with an uncompromising focus on resilience, reliability, sustainability, quality, and holistic performance.

Innovative solutions: We provide the right blend of cutting-edge research, breakthrough innovations, unconventional wisdom, and unparalleled technical expertise to ensure the project benefits socio-economic value n the dynamic and disruptive energy sector. Our innovative solutions help solve critical challenges by integrating deep domain expertise, market research, Insights, and advanced technology capabilities.

Diverse and skilled workforce: It demands a multifaceted skill set of engineers and thought leaders who can make effective decisions at every phase of a project. We have diverse and right blend of professional engineers, effective managers, and strategic leadership experts to keep all stakeholders on schedule while maintaining the budget constraints and contemplating both short- and long-term impact.

Extensive experience: We utilize both technological nuances and holistic engineering principles to provide the best decision analysis and quantitative evaluations for infrastructure planning, design, engineering, manufacturing, supply and operations challenges. We have engineered, fabricated, inspected, and restored millions of assets to improve the quality of life. Our mission is to provide innovative technology, operational excellence, and unapparelled engineering solutions in the infrastructure sector that benefit socio-economic value and reduce carbon footprint.

Skillsets and mindsets: We have the skill sets and mindsets to lead the transition to a circular economy, manage the strategic change effectively, and execute complex infrastructure projects with unparalleled engineering excellence, extensive fabrication knowledge, cutting-edge research, conscious leadership, and quality management practices.

Continuous Improvement: Our focus is on creating a more resilient and reliable energy grid, connecting people and places through intelligent infrastructure, and conserving resources through breakthrough technology and cleaner renewable energy generation. We continuously improve and innovate to make life better around the world.


The SANPEC EDGE: What It Means to Be SANPEC 

Over the years, we have managed to build a remarkable reputation for ourselves based on our resolve to do more for our clients and offer the best possible experience. Here is what the SANPEC edge means:

S: Sustainability 

A: Agility

N: New Innovation

P: Performance Excellence

E: Ethics and Stewardship

C: Community



Visionary leadership/Shared vision: The leaders create an organizational mission and core values and maintain a focused vision to manage all the business components as a unified whole to achieve and sustain ongoing success.

Sustainability strategy: The sustainability strategy provides a feedback-driven intelligence for building and sustaining a value-aligned and purpose-driven organization.

Role-model behavior: We develop engineering leadership capacity, exemplify role-model behavior, and ensure that our people, processes, and strategies are aligned to achieve performance excellence and sustainability.

Prioritized focus: Our business objectives are systematically created, communicated, and improved. We consistently focus on organizational effectiveness and align people with purpose to deliver exceptional results.

Creating value: Our system emphasizes managing value-aligned key strategies and measuring performance excellence. We are devoted to being a force for good and achieving sustainability through daily activities.


Customer-focused Excellence: We implement a feedback-driven leadership and management framework to improve the company-wide strategic change initiatives. Our skilled and qualified professionals continuously strive to elevate performance to maximize operational efficiency and meet customer demands. We care deeply about inspiring loyalty and trust.  

Focus on success: We deploy an effective financial strategy to maximize stakeholder value and maintain positive financial returns.

Organizational Learning: We consistently learn and improve agility goals as we journey towards excellence in our systems and processes!

Knowledge Management: We utilize well-crafted policies, procedures, and training to document and improve the process. We ensure that the information gets to the right people at the right time. 


Protect and encourage innovation: We take strategic risks and dedicated action to protect and encourage innovation and active learning to solve complex problems and prepare for the future.

Managing for Innovation: We make effective decisions using reliable data, breakthrough innovation, and new intelligence to deliver value-aligned results. We design, manage and innovate our services and work processes to optimize operational effectiveness and achieve ongoing organizational success.


Purpose guides our path

Purpose-driven decision-making ensures a dynamic balance between growth and the common good. 

Our values guide our behavior. It promotes consistent product/service quality and customer satisfaction. 

We provide a unique system and comprehensive approach for filling the gaps and addressing long-term priorities beyond making plans and implementing short-term projects. 

We actively improve the process, value people, share ideas, and discuss issues for improving the company and the community.

We help, mentor, and train others to deliver value and achieve their performance goals. 

Excellence in all we do

Effective business model has helped us learn the necessity for stewardship of physical, financial, environmental, and human resources. We create an environment for high performance and long-term sustainability by developing, nurturing, and maintaining a purpose-led, customer-focused, and value-driven entrepreneurial culture.



We create world-class productivity, maintain ethics and transparency, create organizational efficiency, and drive innovation throughout the value chain. 

Holistic Risk Management: Holistic risk management create continuous loop of data/information and actionable insights to manage risk, build early awareness and rapid response, and improve the delivery time, quality, and safety. It is integrated into the operations model.

Project management and engineering excellence

Disciplined portfolio and enterprise management

Environmental excellence

Health and safety excellence


We practice “Community Leadership.” to build a shared or distributed leadership system with policy actors (civil society, private sector, public sector). We believe in creating an open, innovative, active, quality-focused, and evolving culture to effectively manage the stakeholder’s needs, ideas, and concerns. 

Our culture is the spiritual essence that guides us “who we are” and “why we exist.” We are devoted to building a community of excellence. Our team demonstrates a set of value-aligned behaviors consistently. 

The Journey of Excellence

Our innovative solutions help solve critical challenges by integrating deep domain expertise, market research, Insights, and advanced technology capabilities.

Why We Exist

SANPEC first opened an office with just two people in 2009, promising quality and trustworthiness to all those who would come knocking at our door. Over the years, we grew, improving upon our engineering solutions and the number of employees under our hat, and that is when even our competitors started recognizing us for the quality we offer.

The people in SANPEC were some of the best and brightest worldwide, including highly experienced professional engineers, executives, well-recognized and accomplished industry leaders, and more. Every person we work with is dedicated to solving the growing crisis of the power industry, i.e., the deregulation, aging power grids, power demand, digitization, and energy transition, to name a few.

Our goal has always been environmental sustainability, which we have blended perfectly with our value addition objectives. We don’t just aim to meet expectations but exceed them as well. Our founders, Sangita and Ajay Mallik, have valued knowledgeability, kindness, resourcefulness, awareness and passion above all else when hiring, and this reflects in the engineering solutions and project management we offer.

Behind Sanpec Inc. is an unshakeable resolve to make the world a better place for coming generations, and it extends to a wide range of industries. Whenever a project comes our way, our expert engineering bodies and professionals join their heads to analyze, strategize, develop, and provide assistance to our esteemed partners so they can succeed.

Our experts live by one motto:

Measure Twice, Take Feedback, Confirm Strategy, and Execute Process Efficiently