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Systems Perspective

At Sanpec, we are always looking to stretch the horizons of every individual on our team. We make a point of driving them to hone their theoretical and practical skills with the help of technology implementation. When working with us, these are the values you’ll find yourself adhering to.

Teamwork, Discipline, Honesty, Transparency, Accountability, Innovative mindset, Leadership


We will be recognized as the premier source of excellence in power grid engineering and resilience management services.

We will inspire our stakeholders to achieve excellence and promote responsible stewardship of our physical, financial, environmental, and human resources. Together with our stakeholders we will continuously improve and create value through engineering, research, and deployment of the latest cutting-edge management practices. 

We will focus on the future and manage for agility, innovation, and creativity.  

We will build clean, green and energy secure America.

We will bring together the best talents, knowledge and experience to design, build a reliable, cost effective, environment friendly, technically advanced and resilient power delivery systems.


Behind SNAPEC is an unshakeable resolve to make the world a better place. Our mission is to bring engineering excellence, manage dynamic risks effectively, and improve the resilience of the Power Grid systems.

We will achieve our strategic priorities through a focused approach, dedicated action, and real-time performance feedback.

We will explore the power of renewable energy sources to deliver sustainable, clean, green, and affordable power to everyone.

We will bring growth and opportunity to our stakeholders worldwide to help improve the quality of life.


We will build a legacy of engineering excellence, strengthen the economy, and improve the education system during these challenging times.

We will continuously improve power grid resilience and quality of life through engineering, research, education, and collaboration.

We will create an open and evolving socio-cultural system to improve the common good.

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The Journey of Excellence

Our innovative solutions help solve critical challenges by integrating deep domain expertise, market research, Insights, and advanced technology capabilities.