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Our History

After more than 100 years of experience in electric power industry, SANPEC is formed by the industry-best talents around the world (highly experienced professional engineers, executives, well recognized and accomplished industry leaders, young and aggressive hi-tech professionals) to solve the growing crisis of electric power industry i.e., Deregulation, Aging Power Grids, Demands of Power and face the most complex challenges of T&D industry while protecting the environment.

SANPEC is the safest hand to provide the best possible value-added solutions to not just meet but exceed your expectations. Our team is supported by leading companies to share the knowledge, equipment, resource, and technology to bring “The Best” for Utility Customers.

We offer insight into how new approaches and business models will enable power & utilities market leaders to leverage emerging technologies to succeed in this rapidly changing landscape.

The SANPEC was established by experienced Professional Engineers and Innovators to improve the reliability, quality, resilience and sustainability of the steel transmission and distribution line structures.

The professional engineers created the Award Program to:

Design and supply quality structures

Establish a criteria for evaluating improvement efforts

Disseminate and share best practices.

The Backstory

The United States Electric Power Industries was grappling with deregulation, aging infrastructure, irresponsible consumption of resources, and increasing demand for clean, reliable and affordable power. The industry needed a shift that would transform it into a resilient, sustainable, and united power community, rather than an industry plagued by ineffective leadership, unsustainable business models and processes, and an in efficient workforce, resource planning and operations.

The Revolutionary Vision SANPEC is Born

We felt a strong need for better policies, practices, regulations, R&D, engineering, design and manufacturing to change the power industry’s landscape and help its transition towards an industry that is governed by discovery-driven engineering leadership.

We believed strongly that there should be a "new hope" and "purpose-driven business" to build a legacy of excellence, strengthen the economy, improve the quality and resilience of electric power industry, and transform K-12 and higher education as we navigate these challenging times

The Journey of Excellence

Our innovative solutions help solve critical challenges by integrating deep domain expertise, market research, Insights, and advanced technology capabilities.