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Sustainable Reliable Structures
Affordable Services
New Innovative Technology
Engineering Excellence
SANPEC is a Texas registered engineering and technology firm with extensive, varied and progressive experience in developing, executing and managing power transmission, substation and renewable projects with innovative solutions worldwide.

At SANPEC, we understand that our engineering and technology excellence can bring revolution for a truly sustainable world. We are the most reliable source to bring industry-best talents, experience, knowledge, equipment and technology to design and build sustainable, reliable and affordable electric grid infrastructures.
Our services is always delivered in responsive, cooperative and reliable manner, which gives high confidence in electric utility customers that we will meet or exceed their expectations with best possible value added solutions.

   Our Clients define "SANPEC" in just a few words

S -  Sustainable Reliable Structures
A -  Affordable Services
N -  New Innovative Technology
P -  Professionalism
E -  Engineering Excellence
C -  Commitment

How SANPEC is formed?

After more than 55 years of knowledge and experience in electric power industry, SANPEC is formed by the industry-best talents around the world (highly experienced professional engineers, executives, well recognized and accomplished industry leaders, young and aggressive hi-tech professionals ) to solve the growing crisis of electric power industry i.e. Deregulation, Aging Power Grids, Demands of Power and face the most complex challenges of T&D industry while protecting the environment.

SANPEC is the safest hand to provide the best possible value added solutions to not just meet, but exceed your expectations. Our team is supported by leading companies to share the knowledge, equipment, resource, and technology to bring "The Best" for Utility Customers.

A New Leader in US Electric Power Industry

We are the most preferred and trusted choice to bring a "new hope" and "focused approach" to reinforce the system reliability, save costs and implement the energy efficient and environmental friendly SMART Grid Infrastructures

We work with electrical utility customers to develop a vision for transmission infrastructure investments needed to execute the transmission projects successfully and make cleaner, greener and energy secure America.

We provide a meaningful input in the early stages of transmission planning and design, and manage overall project performance (scope, safety, quality, schedule, innovation, cost, and customer satisfaction) through out the project's life cycle

Nine (9) Service Groups

SANPEC is thus organized into nine services groups, each specializing in a different area and executing the projects with our domestic and international partners.transmission projects successfully and make cleaner, greener and energy secure America.

Do you want to choose "SANPEC" way to execute your next project challenge? Please contact us immediately to tell us about your project challenges.


Our vision is to build clean, green and energy secure America
Our vision is to bring the best talents, knowledge and experience to design, build and upgrade a reliable, cost effective, environment friendly, technically advanced and efficient power delivery systems
Our vision is to explore the power of renewable energy sources ( Wind, Solar, Bio etc) to deliver sustainable, clean, green, and affordable power to everyone .
Our vision is to bring growth and opportunity to our employees, shareholders, and partners around the world to help improve the quality of life.


Save costs in every possible way.
Our mission is become one stop solution to handle the most complex challenges Transmission & Distribution projects from planning to completion.
Our mission is to leverage the power of worldwide web to improve communication and collaboration between us and our clients.


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